Wow, I haven’t posted anything on here since June? I didn’t realize it had been quite that long, and for those of you who noticed me missing, sorry to disappear without warning! I had some Issues of a Personal Nature that had to be addressed, and then I kept getting sick, and I didn’t have a whole lot of time for reading—let alone writing reviews. But everything has been resolved and my various ailments seem to have subsided, and I’m finally at the point where I feel like I can read books and then form moderately coherent thoughts about them.

I’ve recently finished Origin by Jennifer Armentrout (WOW!!) and the Drake Chronicles series by Alyxandra Harvey (much less wow until the fifth book, so I’m not sure I’ll be reviewing them). I finished Tammara Webber’s Here Without You yesterday and am still recovering. I’m trying to work my way through my tragically neglected TBR stack, but I’m constantly being sidetracked by all the new and new-ish releases. How about you? Read any good books lately?

Look for a review or two in the next week or so. This post is mostly to let you all know I am back on the horse, for what it’s worth.



I have 12 items on request and 23 items checked out, plus two read-and-returns. I feel like at this point whenever I try to request another book the library website should automatically redirect me to this:

But no, they just keep letting me check things out. What a bunch of enablers.

I’m back!

I want to apologize for being gone for so long. Between work, classes starting up again, and then being struck down by the flu, I have a backlog of books I need to review and reviews I wrote on Goodreads but never posted here. So sorry!

But though I am still phlegmy and hacky and gross-sounding, I am alive! And back! With a review! Prepare yourselves!


As of this typing, we are down to 7 days and 58 minutes to the release of Opal, the third book in the Lux trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout.



I’ve been rereading Onyx and Obsidian in preparation, plus taking finals, and thus I am putting Real Reviews of New Books on hold. I did just finish The Spectacular Now, which was pretty amazing and deserves more time for me to come up with a good, spoiler-free review than I currently have to give. Because of finals and work, I guess we’re looking at… Thursday?

So I am not a bad, neglectful blogger and reader, is the point of this post. And also that a really fantastic YA PNR is being released in a week and you should get excited about it. Shawn and Gus are!


Look! Look what came in the mail yesterday!


I’ve been waiting for this book for nearly two weeks, which I really can’t complain about because Fishpond shipped it to me free from NZ. It’s more of an “I’ve been so excited about this book for two weeks!” kind of waiting than an impatient one. Anyway, it came in yesterday and no one told me. I found it hidden under a pile of trash and junk mail. When I confronted my mum about it, her response was, “Oh, I forgot.”

Life is pain.